Author: Ramon Green

How Is The Mall Going to Stay Alive?

The concept of a shopping mall started in the United States. And that seems to be the first place they are perishing. The landscape of America is dotted with deserted malls, some in shambles, and places that are less than half of their former selves. Westfield Group is an extremely large real estate company that owns malls, and one that has not had to shutter many during this ‘mall-crises’. Peter Lowy is the CEO of Westfield Group. And he says that the mall has to “become a hero”.

IRUSA Director Speaks on Humanitarianism at 2018 Bond Conference

Islamic Relief USA is nonprofit 501(c)(3) humanitarian agency working to aid disaster responses, underprivileged citizens and other international relief and development efforts. Recently, Imran Madden, the president of IRUSA, spoke about humanitarianism at the Bond Conference 2018 on some of his biggest challenges and how he plans to overcome them. When asked about the largest obstacles the agency will face when aiding humanitarian efforts, he explained how warring factions often act with blatant disregard to humanitarian principles.

ADS Inc Teaming Up With World Housing for Deployed U.S. Troops

A company in Stanford is partnering with ADS Inc. to assist the United States military by creating portable housing structures to use when the troops have been deployed. The CEO and founder of World Housing Solution is Ron Ben-Zeev. In a remarkable demonstration for News 6, Ron Ben-Zeev had an employee strike the material with a sledgehammer to demonstrate the durability. He felt this effectively showed the way the material will react to a potential blast.