ADS Inc Teaming Up With World Housing for Deployed U.S. Troops

A company in Stanford is partnering with ADS Inc. to assist the United States military by creating portable housing structures to use when the troops have been deployed. The CEO and founder of World Housing Solution is Ron Ben-Zeev. In a remarkable demonstration for News 6, Ron Ben-Zeev had an employee strike the material with a sledgehammer to demonstrate the durability. He felt this effectively showed the way the material will react to a potential blast.

Organizations Who Donate and Provide Aid to the Muslim People in the Islamic Regions

Many of the organizations dedicated to helping the families forced to run from their homes in the Middle East are located in Washington D.C. and Virginia. This includes the American Near East Refugee, the Northern Virginia Refugee Fund, Hamdy Radwan, and the AMAR Foundation. Many of the families in the Middle East have reached unacceptable levels of desperation. Their children need to have a schools where they can receive educations and they are suffering from severe psychological impact caused by the disruption and conflict. These families deserve to be treated with the decency and care they deserve.

How Construction Companies are Transforming Washington D.C into a Timeless City

The redevelopment of the Washington is spearheaded by the top building companies in the country. These companies are toiling day and night to restore and improve properties in Washington D.C. Their diligent work has not gone unnoticed as it has caught the eye of high-end buyers and celebrities like Mike Tyson, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Haney, and Sylvester Stallone among others. Some of the companies include:

Nonprofit Organizations that help in the Central African Republic

Islamic Relief is making a difference for people of the Central African Republic and has been working towards helping those less fortunate for more than 25 years. They help to provide food aid, basic essential kits that include mattresses, bedding, clothes and more, and they also are highly active in providing psychosocial support for displaced children, as well as education.