New Panel in place to help with hurricane relief

The immediate efficacy discussions by the experienced and knowledgeable advisory committee will be multi-faceted. These diverse leaders will talk about the immediate damage and how to keep the Island open and operating for everyone. In addition to the Governor and Senator Graham, the 18-member V.I. Hurricane and Resiliency Advisory Group consists of Beverly Nichlson-Doty, Dr. Jerome M. Adams, Vivek Daswani, Anthony Hurley, Elizabeth Armstrong, Valdamier Collens, Judith Enck, Andrew Farkas, Eugene Farrell, Sen. Novelle E. Francis, Jr., Daryl Griffith, Hans Lawaetz, John McInnis III, Basil Ottley, Geri Purvis, Marjorie Roberts, and Harriet Tregoning.

A.D.S. Teams Up with FEMA in Virginia Beach

On Tuesday October 17th, FEMA held an event in conjunction with a government supply contractor based out of Virginia Beach called A.D,S. ADS helped provide equipment; in particular very specialized helmets and other tactical gear for those in attendance. They then assisted in some of the training exercises so that volunteers and first-responders could properly use the equipment and act efficiently.

A New Approach to Studying

Theatre, Dance, and Media concentration is a small department from only 21 students in Harvard, housed in Farkas Hall, named for noted alum and donor Andrew Farkas. A lower amount of people allows for a personal touch and attention. The individual attention the department gets is good for the motivation of students one of them noted. Julia E. Belanoff is 18, and she attended National Theatre Institute.

Organizations Who Donate and Provide Aid to the Muslim People in the Islamic Regions

Many of the organizations dedicated to helping the families forced to run from their homes in the Middle East are located in Washington D.C. and Virginia. This includes the American Near East Refugee, the Northern Virginia Refugee Fund, Hamdy Radwan, and the AMAR Foundation. Many of the families in the Middle East have reached unacceptable levels of desperation. Their children need to have a schools where they can receive educations and they are suffering from severe psychological impact caused by the disruption and conflict. These families deserve to be treated with the decency and care they deserve.