Fun things to do in the Cayman Islands

Planning your next vacation? Going to the Caymans? Here are some fun places to check out, as well as good food and drinks

The first item on our list is the Stingray City sandbar on the Grand Cayman Island. The sandbar is out in the ocean, and where you can interact with stingrays. Many tours also include two snorkeling stops, the magnificent Coral Gardens and the gorgeous Barrier Reef. There are more than 20 different tours available, depending on your energy and interest level. No matter who is on vacation, this is an absolute must see! After wards, satisfy your appetite with a meal at Kaibo, near the Water Cay, or Vivo near the Cayman Turtle Center.

Of course, why would you go to a tropical island and not go snorkeling? There are seven touring business, or you can rent equipment at the hotel. The water is unbelievably blue, and the sea life is vast. Make sure to allow time for this adventure. It is truly a once in a lifetime event.

For a more “touristy” type of day, visit Seven Mile Beach. At one time it was seven miles, now it’s only 5.5 miles. Its crystal clear water and coral sands, although now shorter, still lure visitors from around the globe. Beach bars provide drinks and a festive atmosphere, and restaurants of all kinds abound. Go shopping at the Seven Mile Beach shops to find a one of a kind reminder of your adventures. Be careful- if you fall asleep on the beach you may get sunburned!

Needless to say, a plethora of boat tours are available. You can take a typical tour that goes to many of the seaside attractions, or charter a boat to make it truly yours. If you charter, listen to the captains recommendations on cooking your catch- they know all the best ways! Morgans Seafood Restaurant is one of the newest in town, and a bit off the beaten track, but the food is “to die for”, according to a recent review.

For history buffs, the Kittiwake Shipwreck & Artificial Reef is a treasure. The submarine was deliberately sunk at its current location to provide a way to start development of an artificial reef. Take a boat, go scuba diving or snorkeling, but make sure to see this. If you are tired of seafood, go visit Calico Jack’s Bar & Grill for chicken tenders and fries with an ice cold beer. A friendly place, it’s also a local hangout.

Fun things to do in the Cayman Islands