How Construction Companies are Transforming Washington D.C into a Timeless City

Washington DC has a rich history. Charles L’Enfant is a French engineer who played a significant role in the transformation of Washington State. He was appointed by President George Washington to come up with plans for the new city. He came up with a basic plan for Washington which bears his name, L’Enfant Plan.

Today, Washington DC is a force to reckon with in the architectural domain. Washington is a combination of medieval and modern architecture. Change is inevitable. The dynamism of technology and the need for building greener and sustainable buildings is changing the Washington landscape rapidly. This phenomenon is influencing a new approach in building style. Old neighborhoods are getting a makeover while constructing new modern communities.

The redevelopment of the Washington is spearheaded by the top building companies in the country. These companies are toiling day and night to restore and improve properties in Washington D.C. Their diligent work has not gone unnoticed as it has caught the eye of high-end buyers and celebrities like Mike Tyson, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Haney, and Sylvester Stallone among others. Some of the companies include:

The Peterson Companies

Peterson Company is a privately owned company which offers a variety of services such as, leasing, and fully integrated development services for residential, office and commercial buildings. This company has made a name for itself for developing some of the most notable mix-use buildings across the United States.

Paladino and Company

Paladino company services are spread across the major cities in the US. They are distinguished developers and consultants. One of this company’s cultures is to help develop more green and sustainable structures which are timeless. They are a choice for many commercial buildings due to their expertise in designs that lower cost and maximize profits.

Douglas Development

Douglas Company is one of the largest companies and owners of major properties in Washington. This company has completed more than 180 buildings successfully. They specialize in residential mixed, commercial and retail properties. Douglass Company is ardent in preserving and reconstructing historic buildings and revitalizing iconic buildings.

D.B Lee Development Company

This company has its headquarters in Washington D.C. this organization focuses on developing projects that are affordable by working with clients plans. They also strive to create neighborhoods that are inspirational to businesses and residents. Their designs embrace vision and creativity. Any plans or ideas a customer has can be transformed into reality which is the company’s development service backbone.

How Construction Companies are Transforming Washington D.C into a Timeless City