Organizations that help in Afghanistan

During the military incursion in Afghanistan, a lot of people fled the country. There were countless internally displaced people.Most of the displaced people became cave dwellers in search of safety. Aid agencies left the country and closed their offices because the situation in Afghanistan was unbearable. The war left many people without access to essential services like clean water and sanitation. However, few organisations stayed and helped Afghanistan stabilize. Despite the fact that Afghanistan has a tenuous political system, these corporations continued to flout all odds and opened their offices even when Afghanistan was on its knees.

Today, Afghanistan has an internationally-recognized democratic government. However, the government is still young, shaky and has been spending a lot of its resources to fight the Taliban. Rebellious movements have recently been making a comeback. The government has concentrated its energy toward the extension of its authority beyond the capital so as to ensure stability and national unity in the country. For this reason, a lot of people in Afghanistan are still displaced and have no access to education, health, and nutrition. Nevertheless, the organisations that stayed continue to help Afghanistan towards its journey to stability. Here are some of the organisations that have helped the war-torn country.

Islamic Relief
This agency has played a significant role in the stability of Afghanistan. Since its inception, by Dr Hany El Banna OBE, the organisation has been fighting for a better world and has done so for the last 25 years. Islamic Relief has been working with diverse sectors in Afghanistan and has helped internally displaced people by improving their livelihood and continued provision of food and shelter. Additionally, IRUSA has projects that have helped citizens in Afghanistan to access essential services including clean water and sanitation. Also, through their programmes that run in various districts in the country, the organisation has helped children gain access to education.

Women in Afghanistan have for a long been marginalised. Femaid, an organisation that has its headquarters in France, has been working to ensure gender equality in Afghanistan. The group has been fighting for women rights and protection of the girl child. Through its programmes, the organisation hopes to create a generation of women leaders in Afghanistan.

During the war, the rebellions used children as soldiers. Today, the Taliban is making a comeback and is attracting an astonishing number of children to its ranks. Organisations such as Warchild have been fighting for children’s rights in Afghanistan and have ensured children get basic needs and access education.
Progressively, these organisations and other aid agencies continue to fight for a better Afghanistan. Their achievements, despite the political instability in Afghanistan, are exceptional. These organizations continue to depict that will and persistence can change a war-torn nation.

Organizations that help in Afghanistan