Organizations Who Donate and Provide Aid to the Muslim People in the Islamic Regions

Many of the countries in the Middle East are in desperate need of assistance. Thousands of families were forced to flee from Mosul and there were numerous organizations supplying medical teams, fresh water, food, and many other critical items. One of these organizations is Relief International based out of Washington D.C. They work in refugee camps, areas that are difficult to reach, and urban centers and provide economic opportunities, education, and basic necessities to the refugees.

The crisis in the Middle East has celebrities taking notice and trying to help the people. Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen were responsible for a $1 million donation they split between the International Rescue Committee and Save the Children. Their generosity provided 250,000 children in Syria with vaccinations for the measles, health care, education, sanitation and clothing.

Many of the organizations dedicated to helping the families forced to run from their homes in the Middle East are located in Washington D.C. and Virginia. This includes the American Near East Refugee, the Northern Virginia Refugee Fund, Hamdy Radwan, and the AMAR Foundation. Many of the families in the Middle East have reached unacceptable levels of desperation. Their children need to have a schools where they can receive educations and they are suffering from severe psychological impact caused by the disruption and conflict. These families deserve to be treated with the decency and care they deserve.

Andy Murray is also dedicated to helping the Middle Eastern refugees. This tennis star is making a donation for every ace he hits in the entire season. He says this will increase his sense of satisfaction because in addition to helping him win he will be aiding the children who desperately need help. Many individuals are familiar with J.K. Rowling who wrote the Harry Potter series. Most do not realize she has lent her support to the refugees in the Middle East. Her Twitter account is devoted to the refugee families and children and she has asked the United Kingdom to begin accepting more refugees. Mandy Patinkin admits the crisis is terrifying on a humanitarian level and equates it with World War II. His work with the International Rescue Committee has been of tremendous benefit.

Through no fault of their own refugees including children no longer have homes. Necessities most people take for granted such as clothing, food, water and basic supplies needed for survival have become nearly impossible for them to obtain. They need and deserve help.

Organizations Who Donate and Provide Aid to the Muslim People in the Islamic Regions