Promoting Education in the Cayman Islands

While thousands of tourists arrive on the Cayman Islands each year, only a fraction of that number (just over 55,000) actually reside on these islands and are lucky enough to call the Cayman Islands “home.” According to a 2010 census, only half of the small resident population is of Caymanian descent.

Since 2010, Ken Dart, owner of Dart Cayman, has advocated for education in the Cayman Islands and created scholarship opportunities for Cayman Islands scholars through the Minds Inspired Scholarship Programme.

Minds Inspired Scholarship
The Minds Inspired Scholarship Programme is a scholarship and mentorship program supported by Dart Enterprises Ltd., a holding company owned by Ken Dart. Since 2012, Minds Inspired has offered scholarships at the high school level and later expanded to the university level as well. The organization has also developed a work experience program for students during the summer.

These scholarships are solely offered to Caymanian students, and in the case of the university scholarship, the students must be interested in studying an area that can benefit and enhance the future of the Cayman Islands.

Minds Inspired Outreach
Minds Inspired does much more for education advancement than just scholarships. The program hosts events and competitions for Caymanian students each year in order to foster academic excellence. For example, over thirty students from six Grand Cayman high schools participated in the 2015 Minds Inspired Mathematics Challenge.

This competition encouraged Caymanian schools to recognize some of their best mathematically-minded students and offered these students an outlet to showcase and develop their skills in STEM related fields.  Ken Dart firmly believes that math and science education are key components to scholarly and career successes, so events like the Minds Inspired Mathematics Challenge are important to the Dart Enterprises philosophy.

Company Involvement
Dart Enterprises engages in hands-on involvement with the student recipients of their scholarships as well. Annually, scholars and senior leadership members of Dart Enterprises interact at a luncheon. This event is designed to teach students the importance of networking, allow students to receive advice on education and career paths, and develop relationships between Dart Enterprises leaders and scholars. Many scholars go on to work for the company during summers and after graduation in order to continue giving back to the Cayman Island community.

With organizations like Ken Dart’s Dart Enterprises working to enhance education and provide opportunities for students in the Cayman Islands, the economy and workforce in the Cayman Islands will surely flourish in the upcoming years.

Promoting Education in the Cayman Islands