St. George’s School Listed as #1 Best Boarding High School in Rhode Island

If you live in Middletown, RI and you have been looking for a state of the art school to educate your kids, look no further as St. George’s School checks all the boxes of a modern reputable institution. This school is a private institution that is governed by Christian values. The longstanding success of the institution can be significantly attributed to this. The school has been in existence for an extended period and currently has 355 students. The school offers learning opportunities for students in grades 9-12.

What is most attractive about the institution is the teacher to student ratio that stands at 6:1. This means that there’s the required maximum communication between the teacher and the students. The result of this is maximum nurturing of the student’s capabilities. The tuition fee charged in this institution is relatively low as compared with other schools of its caliber. The highest fee charged is $58,000 for a 12th-grade student. In this school, success in always achieved as every student attends a four-year college after completion.

It would be impossible to know whether a school performs well or not without rankings. Niche is a body that rates the performance of various learning institutions based on different parameters. In recent rankings, the school was ranked as the best Christian high school in Rhode Island. The school also topped the best boarding school in Rhode Island category out of the three contesting institutions. Also, in a pool of 17 private schools, the institution came in second in the best private high schools in Rhode Island category.

Niche also investigates the culture and safety situation in learning institutions. In their findings, this school had all students contented concerning their safety while at school. This is a relatively commendable feat considering the insecurity that is experienced in many learning institutions in the country. More than 83% of the students also admitted to being content about the school’s environment, and they were willing to complete their studies in the institution.

In the school, there’s also a diversity of culture. Niche gave the institution a B minus ranking in this area. Also, the research firm investigated the feeling of parents and students concerning the quality of education at the school. More than half of parents and students admitted that the institution was competitive and good enough to stretch the learners beyond their comfort zones. Additionally, they also agreed that the institution was one of the best places to nurture creativity and talents.


St. George’s School Listed as #1 Best Boarding High School in Rhode Island