The US and UAE are Collaborating to End Extremism

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United States are working together to prevent all forms of extremism and terrorism. The commitment has been made to eradicate terrorism throughout the Middle East and the world. The UAE does not believe the military is enough, and holistic approaches are required. This includes disrupting foreign fighter recruitment, cutting off funding, halting the spread of violence and hate on social media and the web. securing borders and preventing religious centers from radicalizing and recruitment.

The UAE and the US are fighting extreme movements including Taliban, Al Qaeda, Al She baab, the Houthis and Hezbollah. Terrorist financing networks will be closely monitored and shut down, disrupting the financing for the extremist groups at the UAE borders. The funding to extremists and black market oil sales will be blocked by the Task Force, and access to the international banking system prevented. During religious periods, the government of the UAE is broadcasting television commercials warning the residents and citizens not to make donations through unapproved channels such as religious centers. The US and UAE are working together to counter violent extremism (

The government has placed mechanisms to freeze and confiscate the assets of terrorists and suspected terrorists. The UAE is promoting compassion and tolerance through Islam, disrupting messages leading to radicalization, and countering the causes leading to extremism. A conference with the religious leaders was held as a joint effort to combat religious extremism. This led to a three-year plan of action including training national and local leaders to counter religious extremists, developing toolkits, launching a media campaign, the implementation of programs to promote tolerance and providing the population at risk with humanitarian assistance.

The Sawab represents the collaboration between the US and the UAE to stop terrorist messaging and extremist propaganda online. The center launched in July of 2015 and used a proactive campaign and reactive messaging to contest the online presence of Daesh. A positive alternative was offered to show the true diversity and values of Islam. Death rhetoric is being countered with credible narratives, and Sawab has shared and consulted with numerous countries to amplify their efforts.

The UAE is being proactive in preventing extremist groups from being joined by UAE nationalists in Iraq and Syria. The cooperation and coordination of the US and UAE are preventing foreign fighters from reaching Iraq and Syria. The Gulf Cooperation Council countries ( and the UAE are working together to improve the security of the border, enhance the stability of the region, and increase interoperability. A regional police force will be created in Abu Dhabi.

The US and UAE are Collaborating to End Extremism