Top DC Islamic Organizations That Help Distressed People

IRUSA and other civil organization within the DC area that offer service to the general public. However, there is a specific group of people who assist the Islamic nation exclusively and quite effectively. As a matter of fact, the service they provide is advocacy for justice and fair treatment. This organization is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Even though this organization is based out of DC, it speaks out for crimes against humanity and other negative situations affecting Islamic individuals across the globe. To this end, there really is no subject that this CAIR does not take action on and the stories they tell the world vary from day to day. These subjects cover everything from violent hate crimes committed against innocent people government to institutionalized sanctions carried out or even political figures who just have an agenda against the nation.

The details and the circumstances surrounding each and every story that this organization covers deserve a mentioned as well. But of course, because this organization is the largest in the United States, there are nearly countless stories within their archive. This is both a good and bad thing as some of these studies indicate that violence is on the rise.

But, it is just not an organization put together to distribute food for thought. It is also a leader and beacon of hope for several people within the Islamic community. Really, CAIR is to fold its purpose and within its cadre of services provided it stands symbolically in two ways. First, it is a big-brother organization that brings other together and assists other coalitions. Secondly, it is a watchdog and for those who are vulnerable and cannot stand up for themselves.

One of the most important subjects this organization reports and gather information on include a highly authoritative and respected FBI report. This report clearly and plainly states that Jewish and Muslim religious institutions are the most commonly attacked when it comes to hate crimes. More specifically, it points to the fact that must have hate crimes are on the rise recently by 20 per cent.

Experts on this subject report point to recent political campaigns on local, state and federal levels as a factor to this rise. Specifically, they look to the recent Trump campaign for presidential election. And, that is where organizations such as the National Department to Monitor and Combat Islamophobia come into play to correlate with the CAIR and combat negative attitudes towards the Islamic nation. Together they seek to slow the ebb, flow and tidal wave of negative attitudes towards this people.

Top DC Islamic Organizations That Help Distressed People