Unity in Diversity: IRUSA Awards

$15,000 was awarded organization for their anti-Muslim harassment campaign. They were awarded by the IRUSA, or the Islamic Relief USA volunteers because of how they denounce anti-Muslim harassment and bullying.

The Islamic Relief USA repackages food that will be distributed to their brothers and sisters who need them during Ramadan- IRUSA is a humanitarian and advocacy organization.

IRUSA awarded the Silver Anniversary Grant to Turning Point for Women and Families, a non-profit organization that is geared towards addressing the needs of Muslim women and Muslim children that have experienced domestic violence in their lives.

Syed Hassan, media relations officer of IRUSA, says that the scanning process for the award was tighter and stricter than ever. They were filling out a list and checking out requirements together. The committee of measurements have extremely gotten inspiration from the parents and children of the area. The campaign of IRUSA is meant to spark initiative with the youth or the millennials of today to have an active competition when it comes to concerns like bullying, racism, etc. The youth of tomorrow should be able to solidify our selves as a humor and people make good money to good Josh. Syed Hassan that this basic human requirement is the human design itself, the other countries are pure alien to them.

The IRUSA’s Silver Anniversary Community Bridge Building program was always geared toward building bridges between different souls and different walks of life, different factors that divide us like race, politics and religion. The program seeks to tap into the human in every human encounter so that we can build a community that is united in diversity. The announcement of the program generated 185 formal inquiries from different organizations from 30 + investment gates are now open.

Turning Point is an organization that serves as an inspiration for other opinions on how dedicated and passionate a teak need to be able to become as successful. Not only is the company thriving, but that are also to help other.

Turning Point also has a partnership with Grace Episcopal Church Youth Leaders to launch and have workshops and create a social media campaign to educate their peers, friends, families, and community to spread the negative effects of rape. The partnership also discusses bystander intervention strategy, or how you can involve no matter how far and how long. The project aims to build a strong relationship between the Muslim and Christian Communities.

Unity in Diversity: IRUSA Awards