Why Twitter is a Great Medium for Real Estate

If you are a buyer or seller in the real estate market, then Twitter can make all the difference in the world for you. How, you might say? Just as our current President has caught and kept our attention with those 140-character tweets, so can the real estate investor who wants to generate some buzz. So, too, can that motivated buyer or seller. Here’s a suggested list that those Tweets can address:

For the real estate professional

  • Housing trends
  • Real estate investment tips
  • Real estate tax information
  • Open house information

For the buyer/seller

  • I just got a new job and need to move
  • We’re expecting and need a bigger place
  • New to area, need a home

This list is, of course, not all encompassing. It does not replace the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or the services of a good agent. That good agent can certainly add Twitter to their toolbox, it won’t hurt a bit. Anyone buying or selling real estate knows you can never have too much exposure or attention.

There are some things you need to keep in mind, however, once it comes time to sit down and compose those tweets. Spelling and accuracy are very important. Imagine the surprise of the family of four, when they arrive at 123 Rose Lane expecting a home tour and some fresh baked cookies when, in actuality, the open house is at 123 Ross Lane. That’s not the kind of mistake your big-league real estate experts¬† would make.

Twitter, along with all things pertaining to social media, have definitely changed the way we buy and sell goods. Real estate is no different.

For many, real estate is the biggest purchase you can make. Today’s buyer is educated, seeks the opinion of others, and knows their way around the internet. If you are selling, you should keep this in mind. If you are buying, you should definitely keep this in mind.

Look at those folks who are truly giants in the field of real estate. 9 out of 10 of the most successful real estate agents have a strong social media presence. Just look at the Twitter profile of some of the experts:




Why Twitter is a Great Medium for Real Estate